31 Days of  Yoga Style Movement




LIFEFORCE stretch™️


Learn how to move your Mind & Body guided by your Soul to what is truly needed in each moment. This practice is suitable for all no matter, your ability, age or experience.  

It is always recommended that you seek medical guidance before you take on any new physical activity. Only ever move in ways that feel comfortable in the moment. 
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LIFEFORCE stretch™️


This is a brilliant way to start a new way of moving your body. This is a beautiful Spiritual Practice that will Enhance your Soul connection in a brand new way.

Each day I share a 15-20 minute session. They all start with a short explainer about that days Perspective. They are also Incredible Truths To Create too. 

We ALL have the capability to influence our Energy in positive ways that improve our ability to Love Life. You can influence your Physical & Emotional Well-Being in ways beyond your conscious awareness.

This 31 day Programme is a Brilliant introduction to this brand new Leading Edge way of Soul Influence.

Thank you for joining me.

Amplify Your Soul Connection That Is Always Loving & True 

I will guide you each day into a beautiful Soul Connection that will enhance your ability to understand how your body wants to move.

LIFEFORCE stretch™️ 

A daily energetic practice that will consist of moving your body as your Soul guides you. I will support you with this understanding. 

Soul Led Community

Our energy loves community. We thrive in it. We support each other in a like minded space. Connect with other Soul Led people who will not only love doing this event with you but will support you along the way. 

Welcome to the world of energy exploration and soul connection. I am deeply passionate about the transformative power of energy and its profound influence on our lives. Through my journey as an Advanced Energetic Healer and creator of LIFEFORCE stretch™️, I've discovered the incredible synergy between energy work and yoga, culminating in what I call Soul Yoga.

With years of dedicated practice in yoga and a profound spiritual journey, I've unlocked the potential for deep self-love and soul connection. My mission is to guide others on this journey of self-discovery and empowerment.

In Soul Yoga, I facilitate a beautiful exchange of energy, enhancing your practice and expanding your understanding with each session. Together, we tap into the limitless potential of your soul energy, paving the way for true fulfillment in every aspect of your life. Join me on this extraordinary path of self-discovery and transformation.

 A few of our Soul Yogis have shared their experience of LIFEFORCE stretch™️

"These sessions have been amazing to settle me into my day or give me a moment of peace & tranquility when I need it. They have really helped soothe my conscious mind & cells."


"Thank You Karen. It has been a fabulous 31 days. I am feeling fresh, new, enlivened and inspired."



"Thank you so much for this experience. It's been beautiful. I have loved catching the lives or replays. I have experienced so much and have learnt a lot!" 


"Karen, I just want to say a massive thank you for these 31 days, each day has been so positively impactful on my energy. So powerful"

- Cat

"Woah what an incredible 31 days! I enacted a Love capability yesterday so this was absolutely lush to do today! Really feeling the Love. I’ve had so many shifts over the month and it’s so magical. Thank you so so much!"


- Karishma

"I am now doing the majority of my Yoga practice with eyes closed. Feels great. Also incorporating some Lifeforce which is a wonderful addition. Definitely keeping it going because my energy and outlook is much improved. Lots of love and hugs!"

- Theresa



Reconnect to your physical body and move it in ways that is wanted.

True movement that is guided by your Soul.

Glean understanding each day that will support your Life experiences. Allow new Perspectives to flow to you. 

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