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Are you ready to embrace life in a way that aligns with your deepest desires? Join our membership community and embark on a journey of positive transformation. Here, you'll discover the power of living a soul-led lifestyle, empowering you to uplift your true life aspirations and create meaningful change. Welcome to a wondrous place where your dreams come to life.


Step into our Membership Community and embark on a transformative journey towards living authentically in your true energy.

Here, you'll cultivate trust, self-worth, confidence, and belief, empowering you to make aligned choices and take decisive actions towards your desired life.

Our membership offers invaluable support and guidance along your life's path. Nurture your connection with your non-conscious origen facet and energy capability, gaining insight into soul contract creation to manifest your predetermined desires.

Break free from hindering patterns and discover your energetic circle, effortlessly manifesting your dreams with ease and flow.

Experience holistic improvements in your physical health and overall well-being as you embrace the magic within our community.

Join us in this exclusive journey towards transformation and empowerment!"

Our Soul-Led Membership, a vibrant community where like-minded souls unite to become your greatest cheerleaders. Immerse yourself in an encapsulation of high-vibration energy that will positively influence your journey.

Women thrive within a community, experiencing a cherishing connection and meaningful communication. What makes us truly special is our collective emphasis on embracing life to the fullest, tailored to your unique path and desires.

Within this collective membership, I am honored to share my elite energetic capabilities as an Advanced Intuitive Coach, Mentor, and Certified Energetic Healer. As an Elite Evolved Energy, I offer divine insight, healing, and profound understanding tailored to you.

Warning: Embracing your true essence and aligning with what truly matters will unlock limitless possibilities. Experience fulfilling relationships, navigate life with ease and abundance, and attract positive change. Soul contracts will be positively influenced.

Your beautiful life is meant to be lived. It's time to embrace it fully.


Heck Yes, I'm In

Let self-love be your compass on this transformative journey, and let the universe support you every step of the way.

SUNPTUOUS™️  Membership 

Immerse yourself in our membership, brimming with transformative content crafted to ignite positive change.

Unlock the secrets to reconnecting and understanding your mind, body, and soul through our masterclasses, energetic practices, and workshops, available for you to engage with at your own pace.

Choose from a variety of sessions, including 1-day, 1-week, and 4-week programs, each covering topics designed to support your journey towards living life on your own terms. With the flexibility to dip in and out of content that fits seamlessly into your lifestyle, our membership empowers you to tailor your experience to your unique needs.

Here's a glimpse of what awaits you:


Fulfilling You Truly Collection 

Explore our collection of 12 masterclass sessions and energetic practices, delving into topics such as aligning with your desires for manifesting, cultivating self-love and trust, enhancing self-worth, embracing acceptance, shifting your energy for change, optimising physical health, connecting with your guides, and much more. Embark on a journey of self-discovery and embrace a brand-new loving energy within yourself.



LIFEFORCE stretch™️

Experience a leading-edge approach to nurturing the profound connection between your mind, body, and soul. Whether you're a dedicated yogi or simply someone passionate about holistic health, this innovative method offers a transformative pathway to enhance your overall well-being. Dive into a world where ancient wisdom meets modern science, empowering you to unlock the full potential of your health and vitality.



Awaken Your Creation Ignition Sessions  

Embark on a transformative journey with our 'Awaken Your Creation Ignition Sessions,' comprising five potent sessions carefully designed to empower you in your creative endeavours. These sessions are intricately aligned with the principles outlined in my book, 'Awaken Your Creation,' offering guidance and support to amplify your manifestations and infuse them with positive energy. Unleash your creative potential and experience the happiness of manifesting your desires with confidence and ease.

Energetic Healing Designs 

Discover a comprehensive library of Energetic Healing Designs meticulously crafted to nurture and enhance both your emotional and physical well-being. Each design is thoughtfully curated to provide targeted support for various aspects of your health journey, offering a holistic approach to healing and rejuvenation. Dive into this rich resource and empower yourself to cultivate balance, vitality, and resilience in mind, body, and spirit.


Mindful Meditations 

Explore our extensive library of Energetically Influenced Meditations, meticulously crafted to provide soothing and healing for your energetic mind. Each meditation is infused with powerful sound reverberations, designed to resonate deeply within your being and bring about a sense of tranquility and balance. Immerse yourself in these transformative practices and unlock the potential for profound relaxation, inner peace, and spiritual growth.


Amplify Your Self Love 

Dive into our immersive workshop sessions designed to deepen your understanding of the multifaceted aspects of self-love and how they impact your daily life experiences. From relationships and career to health, wealth, environment, and communities, these transformative workshops explore the interconnectedness of self-love across various domains. Gain valuable insights, practical tools, and actionable strategies to cultivate self-love in every aspect of your life, empowering you to thrive and flourish in alignment with your truest self.

 It's Time To LIVE LIFE In The Ways

You Have Always Wanted

Become part of a membership that will enable you to influence Positive change in your Life Experiences. You've found a wondrous place to understand exactly how living a Soul Led Lifestyle will Uplift your True Life Desires.




Karen hosts 2 Live Group Coaching Sessions each month. These are interactive sessions of great value. 

A Fantastic Opportunity To Ask Questions & Receive Bespoke Guidance For any of the Programmes You are Focusing on. 

Put the techniques you learn into practice during group coaching sessions. This is a safe place where everyone is working on their own journey and can share their current experiences. 




"Are you yearning for more in life, but finding yourself stuck in a cycle of dissatisfaction? Perhaps you have big dreams and desires, yet something always seems to stand in your way. It's time to break free from the limitations holding you back and embrace a life filled with happiness, fulfilment, and abundance. With Karen's guidance, you'll embark on a transformative journey of self-discovery, shedding old beliefs and embracing new perspectives that align with your true desires. Join our membership today and let us support you in nurturing every aspect of your life – from relationships and family to business, physical health, and spiritual connection. It's time to elevate your self-love lifestyle and start living a life that truly feels good."

What Our Members Say



"A year ago I joined Karen’s membership and it blew my mind.
Karen’s guidance is fuelled with understanding and knowing but she is able to share this simply and effectively.
Her energy practices and healing sessions are so potent and the uplift from them has been immediate for me.
The membership is packed full of golden nuggets for living this physical life in the highest vibration possible and I mean really Living. She is inspirational with her message and healing and now with her Life Force Stretch being shared in the membership members have the opportunity to try something quite extraordinary, truly mind, body and soul are looked after here.

Thank you Karen for such a life changing membership x"

Emily Papirnik

"The membership has been absolutely AMAZING, every single month there have been breakthroughs and significant change for me. The whole community is just so supportive and full of love and so much insight and wisdom within it. It's the best value membership I've ever had especially as all the content remains available so you can go back to repeat things as needed.

Karen is just the most loving and supportive mentor and Practitioner who has truly created real Change for me x"

Sam Hemming

"Just wanted to write a review for the wonderful Karen because I think she is fabulous and has helped me massively and if you want to love yourself unconditionally then Karen is your lady. This is something I have struggled with my whole life as it stemmed from a very young age and therefore it was difficult to get to the core of it. To gain knowledge & skills to actually overcome this has been so good for me. Throughout the course I could feel myself falling in love with me and it felt amazing. I always got told to go within and Self Love but I never knew how to truly do that. I've done a lot of personal development work over the last 20 years but nothing has really hit me or lasted until now.

I know its all about divine timing x"

Lucy Rose


Silence the distractions of hesitation and embrace proactive steps towards success!


€49 p/m

  • Unlock access to all Membership Programs.
  • New content added each month with speciality for focus.
  • Participate in two monthly group coaching calls.
  • Receive personalised guidance tailored to your unique experiences.
  • Opportunity to purchase 1-on-1 sessions at a discounted rate.
  • Weekly Soul Energetics Challenges.
  • And much, much more awaits you!
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